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The government scheme of right-to-buy started decades back always fulfills the need of buying their council house on affordable rates. The complete procedure is a bit longer, but with the right type of assistance, the situations can always be appropriately managed. Shine Mortgages gives you that assistance and guides you through the home buying process and offers right-to-buy mortgage options from its panel. With 90+ lenders and the expertise of years, we can assure a pleasant experience of borrowing. We not only arrange mortgage deals but also work as the troubleshooters. Our panel of experts suggests ways to remove financial flaws.

What do you need to have to get a right-to-buy mortgage?

There is a list of requirements that you need to fulfil to get the mortgage but do not worry; they all are easy to manage.


Of course, your income is the first thing to come on the dissection table. It is the first and the most critical element to justify your repayment capacity. All types of income that you get needs to presented and mention to the lender.

The income part includes detail on the following aspects –

  • Basic monthly salary/earning
  • Overtime payments
  • Government benefits (if any)
  • Pension payments
  • Holiday payment
  • Bonuses
  • Pension payments
  • Investments

Every information on the points mentioned above is necessary. More substantial is the income side, better are the mortgage chances.


Good income is a strong factor, but if the expenses dominate the earning, there is no use of having a significant size income. This aspect can never go unnoticed because no lender wants a spendthrift applicant.

  • Utility bills
  • Maintenance charges
  • Household expenses
  • Expenses on luxury
  • Sundry expenses

These are the basic things that are taken into account by the lender to know how efficiently the applicant manages the daily and monthly expenses.


The total number of debts and the type of debts needs to be mentioned properly.

  • Total number of high-interest debts
  • Pending debts
  • Paid off debts
  • If there is any missed payment
  • Total amount due as a debt

The debt part can significantly affect your eligibility for the funds. It is always better to manage your debts properly. We always suggest our borrowers stay cautious on this part because decisive factors in finances always have a long-lasting impact.

Credit score performance

This factor includes not only credit score but also the payment record with all details about the credit history. A good credit score is always among the prime concerns for the lenders. The credit score is the first hint that tells them how reliable is the mortgage applicant. In case you do not have a perfect credit score, there is no need to worry. ShineMortgages arranges bad credit right-to-buy mortgage deals without any hidden fee or extra charges. We also suggest the ways of credit score improvement to increase your approval chances and get lower interest rates.

Age of the applicant

Like any other mortgage product, in right-to-buy mortgages, age is an essential factor. One significant condition in the case of such mortgages is, only the occupant can become the prime applicant for the mortgage. This fact makes the age factor extremely important. We get some cases in which the parents want to buy a council house where they are living since long; however, due to the age factor, they face difficulties in getting the desired amount. Do not get disappointed because the funds will get funds, but as we never misguide, you should apply at an early age.

How much discount I get on my council house buying

The minimum limit of discount is 35%, and the maximum limit is 70%. The exact discount you get depends entirely on your personal financial circumstances. Through our right-to-buy discount calculator, we figure out the exact percentage that you qualify for. Duration of your stay in the council house is the most critical factor to decide how much relaxation you get on the property price. If you have spent 5 years in the account the discount increases by 1%. It is also advisable to have a stable financial situation to get the percentage of relief at the price that you deserve. You should not miss the opportunity just because of some financial flaws that are avoidable.

Why choose Shine Mortgages?

We want to mention the most relatable and rational points that can convince you of our utility. To serve to your expectations in the right manner, we try to own every skill and feature that can support your mortgage decisions.

  • A vast panel of right to buy mortgage lender that take no upfront fee
  • Mortgage options for the bad credit people with the lowest possible rate
  • Simplified procedures to make you relax and keep the procedure stress-free
  • Get quotes against your query within 15 minutes
  • We take care of the documentation process
  • Get a timely notification at every stage of your application
  • Make rational decisions through our right to buy mortgage calculator
  • We bargain with lenders to get you the most affordable mortgage deal
  • Backed-up by the experience of 15 years that makes us able to find mortgage options for you
  • Our availability is 24x7 and 365 days. We work on bank holidays
  • We care for you in every situation, something that we are doing after covid-19

You may develop many more reasons if you get in our contact and take services. We have served to millions of mortgage seekers during our years of experience. With unshakable zeal, we are moving forward while serving uncompromised satisfaction to the fund seekers.

Shine Mortgages endeavours to be the synonym of commitment and dedication. We assure you that your borrowing experience through us will always give the desired results. We aim to solve every concern of the mortgage seekers and arrange budget-friendly deals for your right to buy a council house.

Right To Buy Mortgage FAQs

Is right to buy still available?

Right-to-by is not available in Scotland. The scheme is over there. From 1 August 2016, it was abolished through the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014. It is there in England with the same procedures depending upon the locality.

Which lenders offer the right-to-buy mortgages?

Right-to-buy mortgages are offered both by the mainstream and direct lenders. The lender needs to get into professional terms with the Government because the product is not available for all. The mortgage provider needs to meet the set and basic parameters set by the Government.

Do I need a deposit for a right-to-buy mortgage?

No, you do not need any deposit for a right-to-buy property. Every buyer gets a discount on the total property value. Through that discount, the home buyer develops equity, which in turn is considered as the deposit for the property.

How much discount do I get for right-to-buy?

The minimum limit of discount is 35% which extends by 1% after every 5 years. The maximum limit of discount is 70%. The percentage that a home buyer gets depends on the time he spends while staying in the council house. Also, his financial circumstances come under consideration.

Who qualifies for right-to-buy?

A person needs to occupy a council house for at least 3 years to be able to buy it and become eligible for right-to-buy. However, depending upon the rules of different local councils, one may even get the right to buy after 2 years living in the property.

Can the Council refuse my right-to-buy?

If you do not meet the essential criteria of right-to-buy, a council can refuse your application. You need to spend a minimum time in the house; any other person who is not living there cannot apply for the council house buying.

Can I rent out a right-to-buy the property?

Yes, you can rent out a right to buy. However, there are some constraints; you can rent out a room but not the whole property. There are some dos and don’ts that change according to the local council. You need to have a look at the related rules and regulations before renting out the property.