Shine Mortgages provides the best solutions personalised with your needs. Our aim is to help people to own their homes. We listen to what you want and understand your financial condition and then, we provide you with the most suitable mortgage deal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a society by helping people buy their own homes and get onto the property ladder so that everybody lives in their own dream house and save future.

We Focus On Four ‘Fs’

Our deals work best:

  • For you
  • For your family and friends
  • For your community and society
  • For your commercial purposes

How Can We Help You?

We believe that buying a new home is exciting but it is unfortunately a labyrinth. Not all can bear the headache. Many borrowers do not know how to start. Some of you may have a bad credit history and some of you will be tentative to take out because of lack of deposits. Well, whatever the situation, we have a solution.

  • We will guide you unless you do not have a title for your new home.
  • Our experts will suggest you the bespoke offer based on your current income sources.
  • Our mortgage calculator will help you know the total cost of borrowing, regular instalments, and the amount you can borrow.
  • Our round the clock customer support will help you solve your queries at once.

Our Values

Our values encourage us to treat all our customers with equity. We stick to these values no matter how complex the environment and deals are. We assure you that you will get the best deals and our work environment will not let you down.

  • We are passionate about success. We will deliver you top-notch mortgage deals to enhance your experience.
  • We believe in integrity and respect. All our terms and conditions are transparent. We hide nothing that may cost us our respect.
  • We strive to deliver quality. You get those deals that you can afford. We do not intend to entrap you rather we intend to give you support to have your dream house built.
  • We encourage our staff to answer all queries of buyers.
  • We provide mortgage deals as per needs of borrowers.
  • We strive not to provide misleading information.

We have just started. We will not rest unless every person gets a home of his or her dream.