The next generation online lending is changing the waves in the favour of the borrowers. We being one of the established names in FinTech Market own some promising deals on the mortgages for people with bad credit. Availing funds through mortgage has been a long process including a queue of formalities. Not to mention, credit score is the key factor to play the important part here too. In that case, any flaw in credit score performance can bring denial and rejection, but not with us. Away from over-popularised and exaggerated promotions, we give realistic and real-time solutions through mortgage with bad credit not an issue. Through uncomplicated procedures, we bring the best possible mortgage loan offers for those with poor credit scores.

Can i get a mortgage with bad credit rating?

Nothing is impossible in this world and applying for mortgage with poor credit ratings is also not impossible. However, options may be limited as compare to those with good credit score, but as a specialist lender, we can offer you the deal that can match to your circumstances. The interest rates will be slightly higher than usual and the deposit requirement could stretch from 15% to 20%.

How to increase your mortgage opportunities

There are multiple ways to improve your chances, such as:

  • You need to give some time to yourself. Wait for a while and try to clear off pending dues one by one.

  • Make your efforts to enhance your credit history by making consistent payments.

  • If possible, show the higher deposit and a stable monthly income.

  • Never think that lender can accept your poor credit for mortgage deal at any cost. Be honest to your efforts.

How Much Can I Borrow With Poor Credit Mortgage?

Before going for a mortgage, it is very important to know on which factors you can decide the amount. The amount is generally decided by your income that further should comprise job salary, benefits, pension, rent and other means of monthly income. Some of the lenders also consider your partner's income too before allowing a mortgage with poor credit rating. Therefore, it is suggested to make the proper use of bad credit mortgage calculator before starting the application procedure.

Our Assurance Is Of Guaranteed Approval

We indulge in only result-oriented actions. We provide funds on guaranteed approval. Just help us know few things about your finances and the green signal of approval on the guaranteed mortgages for bad credit is sure to come.

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We Accept Applications Irrespective Of The Reasons Of Bad Credit

There are many reasons that can cause poor credit situation:

  • Missed credit card payments
  • County Court Judgement (CCJ)
  • Bankruptcy
Did you know?
  • Adverse credit mortgage is the synonym for bad credit mortgage.
  • With steady income status, you can get an easy approval despite bad credit.
  • Credit reference agencies give reliable credit reports.

We accept your mortgage application in every situation and provide the best possible mortgage loan choice. Personalised pricing on our loans give the surety of affordable deals. Just pair your loan application with a good current income status and approval is destined to come.

How to get a mortgage with bad credit but good income? You may have this question in your mind too, just as others have. Shine Mortgages gives the right answer to this by offering credible mortgage offers on a good current income status and approval is destined to come.

Obvious Features Of Our Offers on Mortgages for Bad Credit People

  • Available for Employed and Self- Employed.
  • No Arrangement Fee.
  • Funds for Both Residential and Buy-to-Let Property.
  • Best Rates in Industry.
Features of Mortgage for bad credit people

Few Workable Suggestions to Improve the Credit Rating

We think of your complete financial well-being and try to help on all aspects of finances. Some general way outs can help to improve your credit ratings.

  • Check your name in the electoral roll. If you are not registered there, get it done.
  • Pay your bills full and on time.
  • Close the credit accounts that you do not use now.
  • Check your credit report regularly and make sure that there is no incorrect information. If you find anything wrong, then contact to the related credit reference agency at the earliest.

The above are few but effective ways that you can or in fact, you should try to improve credit score performance. Once the improvement comes in the credit rating, it becomes easy to qualify for bad credit mortgage.

Bad Credit Mortgage Broker - May Not be Necessary

Before going to approach the bad credit mortgage lenders in UK, you should know one thing that the interest rates will be on the higher side. Some people do worry with these things and they tend to follow the brokers’ advice. It may work for them but it requires a specific brokerage fees to submit that may put extra burden on your finances.

Shine Mortgages relieves you from that burden by offering customised deals on the mortgage for people with poor credit score. Here are the crucial benefits that we give:

  • Safe and Secure Application Process
  • Quick Mortgage Approval
  • Competitive APRs Are Assured
  • Chance to Improve Credit Scores

Bad Credit Mortgage Broker

Shine Mortgages Means ‘Fair and Only Fair Deals’

Our sole aim is to provide realistic mortgage solutions that can fit to your pocket. We do not take undue benefit of the bad credit borrowers. In fact, our concern is intense when you are in trouble and find borrowing funds difficult. Our team of experts invest all resources to assist you in every possible way.

We are destined and dedicated to become one of the best mortgage lenders for bad credit people. Express your need about mortgage to us and we commit to respond you with an ACTUAL solution.