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Commercial mortgage calculator – Figure out the figures for your property investment

Property investment for commercial reasons demands affordable decisions. A right estimation of the total and the monthly costs can help make better predictions of varied deals available on the commercial mortgage. Shine Mortgages offers objective comparison through its advanced commercial mortgage calculator that takes you one-step closer to accuracy on the cost part.

How to use a commercial mortgage calculator?

We mostly interact with the mortgage seekers who are not aware of the functionality of a calculator. We commit that our calculator is uncomplicated in use and if you try it once, using it repeatedly is smooth without any assistance. Our team of experts is always there to guide on how to use the commercial mortgage calculator.

For the convenience, here are some steps to describe the use –

Step 1 - Choose the loan amount

Step 2 - Enter the APR

Step 3 - Enter the estimated lender arrangement fee

Step 4 - Enter your desired repayment period


You will get all the figures required to estimate costs on a commercial mortgage deal.



Features of our commercial mortgage calculator

We are committed to offer our customers uncompromised services, and for that, a rational approach is the first need. With our best commercial mortgage calculator in the UK, you can stay sure about the accuracy of the results. For the following reasons, you can use our calculator to get the affordable deals available in the market.

  • Backed-up by the advanced technology of artificial intelligence to deliver almost an accurate response.
  • Varied types of commercial calculators are available such as stamp duty calculator, repayment calculator and tax calculator.
  • Versatile functions to calculate repayments on both the interest-only and capital repayment methods.
  • As efficient as the financial tools of renowned names such as Halifax mortgage calculator, Natwest mortgage calculator etc.
  • Easy to use calculator makes it possible for you to use without any assistance or guidance.
  • Use on multiple devices. Whether you use mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop, our calculator is friendly to all devices.
  • Instant response with speedy calculations. You do not need to wait or bear the slow speed of the calculator page.
  • Detect in a short while the best commercial mortgage rates offered by the lenders in the market.

The above features let you count the figures on a mortgage deal and take a correct decision on property investment. We keep enhancing our financial tools with the latest features. You can always depend on our calculator to know what is suitable for you.

Shine Mortgages provides one of the best versions of the commercial property mortgage calculator alternatives available in the UK. Every year we figure out practical mortgage solutions for countless property investors with the help of our advanced calculators. We will do the same for you, let us know the requirement, and we can sit together to find out a workable mortgage option for you.

Council House Mortgage FAQs

How much can I borrow?

The exact amount that you can borrow can be easily calculated through the commercial mortgage calculator. While making a logical comparison between the various deals offered by the different lenders, you can know which offer matches to your affordability.

What is a good commercial mortgage rate?

A good rate can be obtained only through a proper comparison by a commercial mortgage calculator where you can see the contrast between the deals offered by varied lenders in the market. Shine Mortgages can solve this purpose for you without any hassle through it new age calculator that provides dependable results.

Can I own a house and live in a council house

The new rules are flexible now and they allow you to live in a council house despite another property in your name. However, that may put limits on the duration for which you can live and stay.

What is the difference between a commercial and residential mortgage?

The difference between a commercial and residential mortgage is clear and can be explained through the following points –

Commercial mortgage Residential mortgage
Mortgage obtained to invest in a commercial property for business purpose is called a commercial mortgage. Mortgage obtained to buy residential property is called a residential mortgage.
The owner can rent it out if the property is not an owner-occupied. The owner cannot rent it out if he wants to do that; he needs to change it into a buy-to-let mortgage.
The deposit amount for a commercial mortgage is significant. On the minimum side, it is 20% to 25%. The minimum deposit amount demand for the residential mortgage is 5% to 10%.

Can I get interest-only commercial mortgages?

Yes, you can get interest-only commercial mortgages, in fact, they are mostly interest-only. There are many lenders available in the market, and ShineMortgages can bring them to you. The prime concern is the rate of interest offered by the lending companies. Here also, our commercial mortgage calculator can provide an objective comparison.

What is a semi-commercial mortgage?

A semi-commercial mortgage is the borrowing solution to buy a property that is for commercial as well as residential purpose. The examples of a semi-commercial property are – Flats above shops/restaurants etc. , pubs with accommodation contained by the staff or the owner, buildings with flats and offices etc.