Use of Cookies

Cookies can be defined as the very small text files, which a website saves to the user’s hard disk of the computer system. It works primarily to keep any detail that a user provides about himself, to protect the priorities.

  • The main functions of the cookies are:
  • It permits your website to run in a smooth manner and keep it protected
  • It makes familiar with how users are using the website
  • Keeping the information in the database that a user has entered
  • Highlighting only that information that is applicable to user’s concerns

Our website ( has the cookies that will keep only the user’s specific kind of information.

The website, which we run here, does include these specifications:

  • Securing the logged-in session
  • Keeping information at the store that a user enters
  • Keep your results intact when user is using materials like calculators
  • Allow the user to share pages with social networking sites
  • Same search settings visible that a user had entered earlier
  • Customised content according to user’s requirements
  • Allow the blog commenting

Our website uses varieties of cookies

Following are the cookies that run in your well-organised website:

  • Essential cookies
  • Cookies based on the performance
  • Social media cookies
  • Remarketing cookies on user’s hard disk
  • Third-party cookies
  • Targeting cookies

Consent of the User

By using our website (, the user agree that he is using the cookies in any the ways that are mentioned above. At the same time, we allow our users to alter their changes later at any time by going into the browser settings.

How to change the cookie settings

As a responsible website holder, we do not suggest you to change the cookie settings. If you block them or a few of them, then it may impact on the website performance especially for you. Still, if you want to change the settings, you can perform this on your browser. Another vital thing to remember is that each browser performs different to others. Thus, it would be best for you to do necessary changes in the ‘cookie settings’ of your browser.

Here are the steps that how to delete cookies as per their different categories mentioned above:

Essential Cookies

These cookies are usually kept on your computer’s hard disk by our portal. There is no third party involved.


  • These necessary cookies allow web applications to run properly
  • It assists users in browsing and other deals secure


  • These cookies do not drag information regarding how a user using our website
  • We do not sent user’s personal details to any third party

As long as you are not blocking the cookies, we can guarantee how our website is running and its performance.

Cookies based on the performance

These sorts of cookies are located on computer’s hard disk by our website. The main purpose of these cookies is to analyse the information is how our users are using the information while visiting to our website. We usually do use this technology more often than not.

Here are a few instances where we collect our information:

  • The exact date and timings when people come to our website
  • What kind of content that they prefer and how much they are engaging
  • What information drags the users to our website?
  • Our users are applying from which IP Address
  • Users are reaching to our website through which technology

The main function of performance cookies are:

  • To measure the website’s performance
  • To understand how much users want modification to our website
  • To analyse varied versions of our website
  • To do a complete analysis for future perspective
  • To link our website to other digital sources that users utilises to contact us

Social media cookies

The social media cookies define the process where you can comfortably 'Like' or 'Share' our content on the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and others. It also includes sharing buttons included in our website.

Remarketing cookies on user’s hard disk

The remarketing cookies are those cookies where the users visit our website and get to know various adverts inserted in this. These adverts are from the advertisers in which we also have the collaborated ones. It is our policy to have the adverts offering special offers for motivating you to come again to our website. At the same time, we also give you the option of cancelling the remarketing cookies at any point of time.

Third party cookies

Third party cookies regarding the content and other applications in our website are from our essential suppliers. They have their own policy, and if you want to get familiar with them, then you can visit their websites and read the privacy policy completely.

We have suppliers like:

  • Google Analytics
  • HotJar
  • PureChat

Targeting cookies

We use targeting cookies for the purpose of tracking referrals to our respective website that come from the third parties. It also helps in understanding any sort of activity on our website to present relevant content for the users. It also tracks from the activities done through phone.

However, our targeting cookies do not share users’ any personal information to any third party without their consent. For that, users have the liberty to turn off the targeting cookies.

The placement of these cookies is done on the users’ hard disk by our website and any included third party.

How do we improve our website?

As a responsible mortgage broker in the UK, we constantly revive our website for the better improvement for our prospective users. At, we do regular analysis regarding how our website performs for different people and for different monitoring sites. The ultimate goal is to provide the fully-compact website for our users.

We keep altering our privacy statement

Transparency is our main aim and we can do anything to assure this for our users. By keeping this objective into our consideration, we use to keep changing our privacy policy after a complete review. The mentioned privacy statement in our website was last updated on 10 January 2020.