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The mortgage has never been an easy thing to obtain. The advancement of the finance industry can transform that difficulty into easy and possibility. With an endless list of doubts and questions, borrowers always need support in their decisions. Mortgage brokerage needs to play here its role, and as one of the brokers, ShineMortgages performs the same function.

We help, assist, guide and finally bring you a suitable deal that matches to your needs precisely. We aim to bridge the gap between the mortgage provider and seeker. With 24x7 online services as a mortgage broker in Edinburgh, our services are available beyond the barriers of time. Visit us at any hour or moment of the day or night, and our professionals are sure to respond to every query you make. By the way, do not worry about the credit score status. We work for the poor credit scorers too.

The prime motive behind our online presence is to strengthen the connection between you and us. Access our assistance anytime, as we are always in reach. To be precise, ShineMortgages is the first one to show when you search online for a mortgage broker near me.

Mortgage Broker Edinburgh

Our guidance is for any mortgage

Support is incomplete if it does not cover all the necessary aspects. Our financial solutions wrap all the fields required in which you may need help. Following are the products that we include -

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Let us know where you need the aid, and we can bring you the option of the best possible lender and its loan offer. Whether it is a first mortgage applicant or a bad credit applicant, quick reciprocation is sure to happen.

Qualities we own as a Mortgage Advisor

It is crucial to describe our utility to you. It becomes an easy task through small and precise points that define us and our services as well.

  • NO FEE only free advice – Take any opinion on a mortgage without paying any cost as we do not exchange that with money. The financial well-being and trust of our customers are the two essential assets. We provide free mortgage advice in Edinburgh with no charge, cost or fee. Reach to us anytime, no matter whatever is your location in Edinburgh.
  • Advanced mortgage broker tools - From mortgage calculators to budget planners, we facilitate financial means to help you take calculative decisions. The loan amount, tenure and their compatibility to your creditworthiness all can be calculated.
  • Research of around 200 options of the mortgage before recommendation – Being a mortgage advisor, it becomes a responsibility to suggest the appropriate option. For that, we need to do in-depth research. Whenever we receive an inquiry, we do intense research for 200 products before giving you the final suggestion.

Mortgage Features from the Lenders in Our Panel

For no compromise in your experience as a borrower, only the trustworthy mortgage companies get a place to appear through our platform. The basic features that they provide are -

Base rate The rate of interest that the Bank of England decides and the mortgage lenders follow
Broker An advisor that suggests the best mortgage deal available according to your needs.
Capped rate A maximum limit of the interest rate of a loan offer beyond which a lender cannot increase
Deposit The down payment you need to pay in advance, which is usually 5% of the property value.
Endowment-mortgage An interest-only mortgage in which the borrower pays off the loan amount at the end of the tenure.
Freehold A type of a property in which you own the building as well as the land that it stands on
Joint mortgage The two or more borrowers take a mortgage deal.

  • Customised loan offers - As a mortgage is an expensive commitment, a concern is always there to get the most affordable deal. That can happen only when the loan offer is in accordance with your financial efficiency. Our listed lending companies provide you with tailored choices to make sure that the instalments are not hefty, and the interest rate is not too high.
  • Instant approval decision - We know the value of your time and respect it in the right manner by suggesting the choices that have immediate approval decision. Send the application, wait for a few minutes, and the screen shows the message.
  • High approval rate - It is intense stress to get rejection as the two essential things, your credit score and confidence come under pressure. We bring the choices that are backed up with 95% to 98% approval rate.
  • Borrower-friendly websites - There is no hassle in the use and access of the websites of the home loan companies. We make sure that you land to user-friendly websites that are immediately reactive. Whether you fill a form or leave a query, every action occurs conveniently.

ShineMortgages serves to not people but to their concerns as that solves the purpose naturally. Buying a home is a beautiful yet challenging decision, and we make sure that you reach the desired result with no hassle. It is not only a commitment but a principle to deliver you the possible mortgage deals. We are quite stubborn when it comes to providing quality to our clients, whether it is an advice or a loan offer that we bring.

Mortgage Broker Edinburgh FAQS

Which is the best mortgage broker in Edinburgh?

This type of mortgage applies to those individuals who are applying for the home for the very first time. There are a few mortgage providers in the UK present exclusive benefits to them, but the overall mortgage is provided based on their income and spending.

These brokers are known for their quick financial solution and access over 50 lenders dealing in different sorts of mortgages.

Does Mortgage Broker in Edinburgh charge fees?

It mainly depends upon the broker to broker, but a reliable mortgage broker does not charge anything from the borrowers. But they do charge commission from the lenders as they are bringing borrowers for them.

Although some brokers also charge from the borrowers, this is only the arrangement fees with no hidden cost included. If you are looking for a mortgage and have a tight budget, then you should select these independent mortgage advisors.

Can a mortgage broker help with bad credit?

Of course, a mortgage broker does help people with bad credit scores. Most of the credible advising companies in Edinburgh are not reluctant towards the applications with poor credit is mentioned.

They help borrowers to get reliable mortgage deals from trustworthy lenders. Furthermore, they also guide in rebuilding the credit scores by suggesting the best ways. Applying directly from the lenders may not be possible, and the only broker can make it possible for you.