The mere thought of mortgage provokes countless questions on ‘how to do’ things. At one side, you are excited about your new home and on the other side; there are countless worries on the loan procedure. Most prominent is the doubt on ‘how to apply for a mortgage?’ If you are doing it for the first time then for sure, the curiosities are bigger.

You know what; perhaps, some fears are not as big as you make them. Applying for mortgage is not a rocket science; it just needs an organised approach and demand doing things correctly.

Shine Mortgages offers the best possible rational deals with personalised pricing that fits well to your pocket. Beyond the constraint of credit score status, we provide realistic solutions with more logical approach that relies on your repay capacity.

Nothing much is different in the application procedure whether you are applying mortgage for first time buyers or for the second time. Let us take a generalised look at the application procedure for mortgage and solve all your ‘how to do’ questions.


  • Age should be at least 21 years.
  • Address proof
  • Reliable income status
  • Bank account

Several Factors That Come Into Consideration

Before you get familiar with the actual process and requirements to apply for mortgage, know about the aspects that are decisive.

  • Your credit history - Credit history is the direct reflection of financial behaviour in past and previous times. Obviously, good credit history means you paid the obligations well. This makes the approval easier.

  • Bad credit? You can apply and avail - However, you should know that bad credit history is also not unacceptable. You can get mortgage despite bad credit but the repay capacity should be very good. Also, the deposit amount should be more than a good credit scorer. Generally, it is 5% if the credit score is good but it may go up-to 20 to 25% in case of a credit score issue.

  • The deposit amount – Oh! Of course, this is very important for you as well as for us. More deposit amount means less loan amount and for us it is a factor that calms down the risk.

  • Your age – Younger is the age better are the chances to get desired funds. The near to retirement age make you eligible for only short-term mortgages and need a larger deposit amount.

  • Property value – The comparison between the property value and your repay capacity is the main concern on this point.

  • Mortgage tenure – Short tenure means bigger monthly instalments and vice-versa.

Joint application or single applicant – In case of joint mortgage, you can borrow more as the income of the other person also comes into consideration.

Analyse Your Competency for Mortgage
Can Can't
Good income status and repay capacity Poor affordability against loan amount
Good credit score and in case of bad credit situation, it should be inconsistent Very bad credit situation
Adequate deposit amount Inadequate deposit amount

Take a step-by-step approach

Applying for mortgage is not restricted to filling and submitting an online application form. It is about a complete process that should carry on with a systematic approach.

  • Deposit acts as the backbone
    More deposit means less need of funds, which turns in a lighter obligation. Try to save as much as possible money.

  • Look for affordable rate quote options through loan calculator
    With personalised deals, it is possible to get multiple offers on the same loan product. Our mortgage calculators are advanced and according to your financial details, you can get the precise rate quote. Also, know the estimated amount of the monthly instalments.

  • Calculate your repayment capacity
    You may have a good income but repayment capacity is not only about income, it is about income-outgoing ratio. Lesser the expenses better are the chances to qualify for more mortgage loan amount. Many other factors matter in repay capacity. For instance, your existing debts (if any), if there is anyone financially dependent on you.

  • Apply online in 1, 2, 3 clicks
    Once you are clear and have done the work on all the above aspects apply for mortgage. The application process is not complicated and has only three simple steps.
    • Fill and submit the online application form
    • Get the approval decision
    • Receive funds in the bank account

mortgages steps

All things have done without much of any hassle. With Shine Mortgages, procedures, formalities, borrowing, nothing is complicated. We have set policies with flexibility that are designed to keep things work smoothly ALWAYS.

You give us your dream of ‘home sweet home’ and we commit to support it with the bricks of required funds.