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Futuristic London is expensive in home buying and thus out of affordability for some. The help-to-buy scheme makes the buying process less bulky on finances. As most of the applicants are ignorant about the options and process, Shine Mortgages is there to help. We, through our wide as well as a versatile panel of lenders, offer different deals. Our association with the help-to-buy mortgage lenders causes ease while borrowing funds. Firstly, we find you a suitable mortgage deal and then guide through the process and in fact, manage all the documentation process. Above all, it happens without any broker-fee because we aim to serve you relief and not stress.

What is help-to-buy?

Help-to-buy is a housing scheme in which the buyer gets the financial aid on a specific part of the total property value. A person can borrow up to 20% of the total price; in the case of London, it goes up to 40%. Minimum, 5% deposit, is required to make the big purchase possible through this scheme. After the corona pandemic the deadline for the help-to-buy builders has the new last date of 31 March, previously it was 31 December 2020.

The Government has announced the extension of the help-to-buy scheme from 2021 – 2023

The prime features of the help-to-buy scheme are -

Through some relatable and precise features, you can detect the scheme better and can also understand if it is useful for you.

  • Whether in London or on any other location one cannot buy more than the purchase price of £600,000
  • The buyer can get only a repayment mortgage under the help-to-buy scheme
  • In London, you can borrow up to 55%, and in other locations, it goes up to 75%

The above features are prone to changes in government policies; however, not many changes happen, as the prime aim is to help people buy homes.

Who can apply for the help-to-buy scheme?

The scheme is designed to help the first time buyers as they face the maximum number of uncertainties due to the first-ever experience of property buying. Getting a mortgage for first-time buyers can be difficult due to strict affordability rules and demand for strong repaying capacity. In such conditions, if a borrower gets the facility to borrow up to 20% of property value with no interest initially, help-to-buy acts as a big help.If this situation is something that you can relate with, Shine Mortgages can help to buy your first-ever home. Stay ready with the minimum deposit amount, and we are ready with the most promising help-to-buy lending options for you.

Who cannot apply for the help-to-buy scheme?

We keep you informed about everything to help construct a rational decision and avoid waste of time. Do not apply for help-to-buy if you belong to any of these conditions –

  • If you are buying a second home, the help-to-buy scheme is not applicable
  • If you are purchasing a property to rent it out, again there is a red signal
  • If the property you are buying it more in value than the set property value

For detailed information, you can also always contact us and get to know the latest changes in the scheme from our 24X7 available customers.

Pros and Cons of the help-to-buy scheme

Several factors present the pros and cons of the help-to-buy scheme in London. It is good to know what this place has to say on the two fronts.

The Pros The Cons
It helps the buyers buy a house despite the harsh market conditions. People with lower income can afford to buy the home. The scheme is prone to changes made by the Government. It may not continue in the future if you have to buy a home you need to hurry up.
The renters can get rid of their rent life with this affordable scheme. 95% of the help usually goes to the first time buyers Not every lender provides help-to-buy mortgages; the number of options can be less.
The first five years of the scheme are interest-free, which gives a huge relief to the buyers. They can keep the finances in control. Once the interest-free period is over, you have to pay 1.75% + Retail Prices Index + 1% on an annual basis.

The insight above on the two sides of a coin is your guide to take a rational decision before making the significant investment. In totality, the scheme is not a deal of loss if you can follow the rules and can fulfil the formalities. A large number of people in London explore their home buying possibility through the help-to-buy scheme. The small down payment limit and the interest free policy for initial years become the strong reasons for the people to rely on the option.

Help-to-buy scheme after covid-19

Things have changed after corona pandemic, and we are receiving countless enquiries from the buyers of help-to-buy properties in London. Here we have gathered some necessary points that are necessary to reveal for your comfort and keep you informed about the latest conditions in the property market.

  • The end date of the current help-to-buy scheme is March 31 2021. After that, nothing can help you exploit this home buying plan.
  • You can apply for help-to-buy before 2021, but the builder should be able to complete the house before the deadline.
  • To qualify for the funds, it is necessary to complete the sale as well as the purchase process before the last date.
  • If you cannot complete the buying process on time, your builder should release you from the contract. Take precise advice from the solicitor.
  • You can still apply even if your builder has cancelled the reservation before the scheme extension if your home is available.

The above terms and condition of post-covid-19 are applicable across the capital. It is irrespective of the fact if you are applying for the help to buy in south London, East London or North or West or anywhere in the city.

Why choose us

Shine Mortgages aims to give a thriving atmosphere to the homebuyers and thus keep all types of mortgage options. The help-to-buy scheme is in the response of that effort, and we receive a good number of applications for the quote. The other reasons that you can choose us are –

  • Fast response to the quotes by the applicants
  • Unbiased assistance throughout the buying process
  • No hidden charges, no fees for any service
  • No annoying e-mails, messages or annoying calls
  • Transparency through timely notifications
  • Take rational decisions through help to buy calculator

Shine Mortgages is always there to help you with the best possible mortgage option available in the industry, as it surely exists on our panel. With a more straightforward procedure, we make sure that you get funds conveniently. Our team of experts never misses to catch your concerns without any delay and immediately serve them with the best possible solutions. Come to us and find the most relatable mortgage deals. It is our responsibility to offer you instant quotes and bargain on the rate of interest from the lender to get you the affordable solutions. Our presence is destined to facilitate a healthy and friendly financial atmosphere for the borrowers and support the fund seekers find a convenient way to buy their homes. Our panel of lenders is rich in options and fast in the process. .