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Sudden business loss, home renovations, and various other emergencies will force people to take up a loan. In order to obtain a perfect loan, it is essential for each single person to conduct a detailed analysis on the various loan options available in the market along with choosing a bank that suits their need the most.

If the person has already been well informed about the financial details of the mortgage loans, then it would be easier for them to choose. In case of persons who were not aware of these financial details, it is good for their side if they make an analysis with the help of a calculator of Islamic mortgage in UK, provided by Al Rayan Bank, for obtaining a better idea about the loan and the process involved in them.

Islamic Mortgage: Secured and Unsecured Features

There are various types of loans provided by each single Bank based upon the requirements of the client. But despite their variety, one of the most common things that define the loan is the security.

  • Every Bank provides the loan to clients, who are unknown to them. In case of certain loans that involve a high amount of money the banks will ask for security, which is nothing but a portion of the property that the client submits to the bank. If the client fails to pay back the loan amount, the bank will seize this property and used to obtain the repayment by selling them.
  • Even though the bank provides unsecured loans for people requiring a small amount of money, it also charges huge interest rate to make up for the security.

Secured loans have a low-interest rate, which would be more favourable for the clients if they make correct repayments every month. The secured loans are also known as Mortgage Loan.

How to Calculate Future Payments

While taking an Islamic Mortgage Loan, it is essential for the person to have

  • A complete knowledge about the loans
  • How the future will be with each single repayment.

In order to calculate their various repayment options, people can use mortgage calculator that would provide them all the details including the interest rate and how long they have to repay in order to complete the loan, for a particular loan amount. Along with this, they also have various other features that allow them to calculate the overpayment options that would benefit them in saving money.

With the help of Islamic mortgage calculator, people can have a wide idea of mortgages available, which would make it easier for them to talk with the executive and to get the right deal at the right time.