Commercial mortgage is the backup system and also the backbone of your business. Whatever may be the purpose, it becomes the source of availing funds. For expansion of business, it is necessary to have the power of money and we commit to equip you with that power. Enhanced with varied features, we offer vast and versatile options for you to explore.

For a commercial mortgage, you put the commercial property as collateral. The amount limit depends solely upon the property value and risk profile. Generally, the maximum amount limit goes up to 70 - 75% of the value of the property. To borrow an amount more than 75% of the property value, you may need to provide an additional property as added security, so that we can make sure to offer the best deal possible.

We cover a wide area of this sector with an open mind. Our personalised approach gives you nothing but the best experience in the industry.

Types of Properties We Cover

A Commercial Mortgage is used to buy a business property. We cover all types of commercial properties that include the following.

  • Hotels & guest houses
  • Commercial buy to let property
  • Land for development
  • Farms and other agricultural land
  • Public houses
  • Restaurants
  • Leisure industry
  • Office accommodation
  • Warehouses and factory units

Our mortgage loans are for both, individuals and companies. We provide funds for any deal of business property as an asset, profiting from value appreciation or from rent.Funds are available for any property on lease of more than 70 years. Even for less than that, you can get an approval with an additional security.

Our unbiased policies facilitate mortgage for start-ups and small businesses. Also, you always find the presence of speedy procedures. Devoid of documentation, our loan process is not annoying. The advanced financial tools like commercial mortgage calculator, gives a close idea from rates to repayments.

Advantages of Commercial Mortgages

With so many other loans and borrowing options available in the lending market, it becomes necessary to study the advantages of commercial mortgages over them.

  • Lower Interest Rates: The interest rates you are offered are generally lower than what you pay for business loans or other types of unsecured loans. Even if they are variable rates, the fluctuation would not matter much and you would be saving money in the long-run.
  • Capital Gains: The monthly instalments of these mortgages come around your rental payment. Whatever you would have paid as rent, you pay as your instalment. The biggest advantage is that at the end of the repayment period, you become the owner of the property. A sensible capital investment gives you the ownership of your business premises.

Fuss- Free Application

You do not have to worry about long application forms asking you about details you do not know. Nor do you have to involve yourself in lengthy and tedious documentation procedures. The process of applying for a commercial mortgage on our website is smooth and comfortable. It would be simply like snapping your fingers and getting the work done. After that, it is all our headache from processing to approval and then to disbursement of funds.

Moderate Rates

We believe in your convenience before our profits. Our mortgage rates are highly competitive as compared to our peers. You are free to discuss fixed or variable type preference in the interest rates. The interest charged will never be higher than what you had expected.

Convenient Term

Our aim is to provide you maximum and sufficient time to repay the loan. The repayment period spans from 1 to 30 years. Repayment plans are flexible due to customised deals and the instalment amounts are never hefty. In case you think about paying off the mortgage during the tenure, no prepayment penalty hampers your way.

Quick Approvals

Time is money, but for a businessman, it is more than just money. We have accepted this fact and factored it in our lending policies. You do not have to wait for a long time to hear our decision on your commercial mortgage. Your application is processed the instant you submit it online, and can expect to hear from us within 24-48 hours of time.

Be Your Own Boss

Use our special calculator to create your own mortgage plan. Following the unique needs of each borrower, we offer the option to personalise a plan by entering the amount, rates and repayment terms. You are free to vary the terms in the calculator to get the best deal for you. You choose the details where the monthly payments, total amount and the total interest suit you the best.

No Surprises

We strongly believe in the notion of trust. We understand that our customers would rely on us as long as we are honest with them. That gives us the purpose of not charging any hidden and unnecessary charges. We maintain fair dealings and put in our best efforts to establish our reliability. You do not have to worry about surprise payments while dealing with us.

24/7 Support

We promise you to never leave your side. Our representatives guide you through the entire process. We offer assistance to every customer of ours from the beginning. Be it understanding a mortgage, your liabilities, the process itself, the repayment structure and every tiny detail or confusion you might have for us: our dedicated team will always be right beside you for any help.

Transparency and Safety

Whatever information you give, it remains safe and secure with us. No detail goes to any third party. You can track the latest action taken on your application anytime by visiting your account on our site. Data infringement and theft are not the issues that you experience with us. Only fair deals await to get exploited without any undue demands of fee, charges or any additional costs.

We are here for you!

Shine Mortgages is a place of rational deals and reasonable pricing where borrowers never get disappointed. Every deal they pick completely satisfies their commercial needs. Your business growth is the parameter for us to judge our success. When our loan products help you achieve a higher level of growth, that is the time we feel the real importance of our existence in the industry.