Council house – We facilitate quicker purchase

Buying a council house can be quicker not through any shortcut, but through following the decided procedure that keeps the situation smooth. We at Shine Mortgages take you through the complete procedure and take care of all the documentation part. You need to provide us the required documents all at once. Then, we contact you now and then when necessary, otherwise get to know the latest status through the timely notifications we send to you. We have several lenders that facilitate mortgage for council house buying on lower rates and plausible borrower-friendly policies.

Get familiar with the process of your council

The process varies from council to council, and you must stay aware of the procedures of your local council. Some areas have a longer waiting list than the other ones. To know the complete formalities of council house buying, you can contact us anytime. We can have a meeting, whether a virtual one or face-to-face. We can sit together to describe everything to you.

The eligibility discussion

Clarity on the eligibility part is the first answer to your question of how to get a council house quicker. Here are the basic rules that are more or less same in most of the local councils –

  • Age – Some councils allow you if you are 16, but most of them have set the criterion at 18. But as you know that there should be no criminal status. But those who are waiting for a decision and have not been proven guilty can try their luck. We try best for you.
  • Income – The current income status (like any other type of property buying) should be strong and reliable to prove repaying capacity. It also brings attention to your income-outgoing ratio. The salary slip and earning status (latest) are vital.
  • Status of immigration – Only those who have short-term or no right to live in the UK cannot apply for a council house purchase. Otherwise, all other types of immigration status are allowed. Anyone with a long-term or indefinite right to stay in the UK can apply.
  • Location of your house – Usually, councils prefer the people from the local area. The council house buying comes under the scheme of Right-to-buy. It was aimed to help people buy the council house they are living in. It is better to apply for the council where you are living already.


Always find out the factors that affect several councils

Most of the buyers are not aware of the fact that are several factors that affect the councils, and those factors should be known to you.

  • The applicants that have served to the UK armed forces are on the priority. Especially those who got injured always reserve a special place. We all know that they surely deserve this right and if you are among those who served to the nation, we will be more than happy to serve you.
  • Those who are living in the area for a long time come in the top list for home buying. If you are also applying to a council where you are living for longer, then congratulations, you have better chances. A good tenancy record is also a significant factor. A tenant paying rent on time is always in the good books of the administration and gets priority in the list.
  • Those on the waiting list since long get to the top when those before they get their council house. If you are waiting for long, you will be given priority over the other ones.

It is not difficult to get a council house if you follow the set process and stay strong in your financial condition. Besides, nothing is there to worry; Shine Mortgages is there ALWAYS to guide you right.