When people decide to get a mortgage loan, they would have various questions in mind. Most of them might think of approaching a lot of lending institutions but in order to get a detailed description, they visit a Bank initially. But what happens is, the moment they visit a bank to get a mortgage, the employees will make sure that they would not leave the bank without confirming their mortgage application.

Certain people may feel that they have made a mistake by applying for that particular financial product without considering the other options available in the market. In order to solve this issue, there are various mortgage calculators available online in the UK and Halifax mortgage calculator is one of the best tools to have an appropriate calculation regarding how much can I borrow.

Established as a building society in 1853, Halifax is now one of the most prominent British Banks providing financial services in the names of mortgage, loans, insurance, investments and standard banking services. It is the unit of Bank of Scotland and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Halifax helps to buy mortgage for varied classes such as first time home buyer and remortgage.


One of the main steps in the mortgage process is the calculator and Halifax probably has the best among many. By using it or through the assistance of intermediaries, the user will get a lot of details like,

  • The best deals that are available according to your circumstances and capacity along with the detailed description of the bank and the products.
  • The amount of interest and the time involved to pay each and every single loan. It also gives a comparative study of the top three loans suitable for you so that you can have a good idea.
  • It also provides you with other details like how many pounds you can avail for the property you have desired and which would be the best deal with the lowest mortgage rates for that particular property.


The Halifax overpayment calculator will calculate how much a particular person can save a sufficient amount by reducing the interest rates. Anyone, who is borrowing mortgage from the bank or approaching any other lender, can use this calculator. You have to enter the mortgage details first, such as:

  • Current mortgage pending amount
  • Term that is remaining till now
  • Current interest rate

Once entered these details, you will get estimation of current monthly payment. Now it is the turn of putting overpayment details that comprise:

  • Regular Monthly Overpayment
  • Lump Sum overpayment

You will suddenly get your new monthly payment. However, this mortgage overpayment calculator does not reduce the prescribed term automatically. For which you have to consult any of the mortgage advisers at Shine Mortgages.


Halifax Mortgage Product Transfer Rates
Category Duration & Fixed Rates
No Fee Products 2 Year (until July 31, 2021) = 1.89%
3 year (until 31st July 2022) = 2.14%
5 year (until 31st July 2024) = 2.14%
Large Loans 2 Year (until July 31, 2021) = 1.60%
3 year (until 31st July 2022) = 1.68%
5 year (until 31st July 2024) = 1.90%
Mid Range Loans (£99,999 - £250,000) 2 Year (until July 31, 2021) = 1.67%
3 year (until 31st July 2022) = 1.87%
5 year (until 31st July 2024) = 2.04%
Loans under £100,000 2 Year (until July 31, 2021) = 2.94%
3 year (until 31st July 2022) = 2.99%
5 year (until 31st July 2024) = 3.44%

Halifax fixed-rate mortgage is one of the most popular and the best mortgages available in the community. It will prevent you from the interest increase that usually occurs in repayment variable interest rate mortgages.

This British Bank has been a preferred choice for everyone here. Just like NatWest, Nationwide, Barclays, and many other prominent mortgage providers, it has also a widespread reputation among the Brits. Whether you are the first time borrower or an existing mortgage borrower of Halifax, it will not disappoint you and in fact, surprise you with continuous customer-friendly changes to its interest rates.

To go with the discussion, Halifax has recently revised its fixed rates on the mortgage product transfer. It means people, who are already the customers of the bank, can aspire for a transfer to a fresh mortgage product and they get fixed rate according to the prescribed duration and the amount to borrow. Go through the table mentioned here and find the rates according to your suitable category.

Some other best uses of the calculator can be:

  • The user can also choose from some the best Halifax mortgage deals and complete their decision before visiting the bank giving the person a greater advantage.
  • Knowing these details beforehand will prevent the users from getting themselves into an unwanted loan that they might regret in the future.
  • They will also understand the details the bank employees are trying to provide them and make a perfect decision with satisfaction.

Whether you are looking for mortgage to buy to let property or have a plan of moving home, Halifax mortgage calculator gives you the clear insights of right options no matter where you are living. The bank has the presence all over the UK via its well-organised online portal. Just FIND YOUR CITY here and connect your purpose with its products.

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