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First time buyers often struggle to decide on how much they should borrow and how much they should deposit. Use our mortgage calculator and get the real picture. This will also let you know your monthly repayments and mortgage interest rates.

How Much Can I Borrow with a Mortgage Calculator?

Our mortgage calculator asks you to put information related to your earnings, spending and savings to estimate how much can i borrow. Choose the category in which you fit perfectly - first time buyer, moving to a new house, and remortgage - and then submit your details. You will get the best mortgage deal.

As you feed your details into our mortgage calculator, an estimate of your monthly repayment will be shown. Please note that it gives estimation only. The length of loan and interest rate can vary when you formally apply for the loan.


Repayment calculator - It gives a general overview of monthly repayments depending on the requested repayment frequency. This depends on the interest rates and terms.

Overpayments calculator - This calculates the interest and time saved due to overpayments. The overpayments are paid in addition with the standard monthly mortgage payments. These payments remain constant throughout the tenure.

Interest rate change calculator - This shows the possible impact of a change in the rate of interest on the monthly repayments.

Get a clear idea of the above three aspects of the mortgage deal and take an unruffled borrowing decision.

2 Easy Steps To Use The Calculator

Financial literacy includes a good knowledge of the financial tools. Here are the steps you need to follow to use our calculator. Don’t worry, nothing complicated.

Step 1 - Enter the property value, interest rate, the deposit amount and the mortgage tenure (in year).

Step 2 - Click on the ‘calculate’ button and the results will be displayed

By the way, we do not charge any arrangement fee. You do not need to mention it while filling the mortgage calculator details.

What you get to know?

The mortgage loan calculators provide some important approximation on the following points. Our calculator will help you know the estimation of monthly cost and the total cost on mortgage.

Monthly repayment - This tell your monthly installment that you need to pay.

Total loan amount - Yes, as you are expecting, you get to know the loan amount you have qualified for.

Total amount repaid - This shows the complete amount that you need to repay in the loan tenure.

NOTE - The interest rate for every individual mortgage may vary as they depend on the value of the property.

The Potential Benefits of Mortgage Calculator

The loan calculators serve some purposes and you should really know about them.

  • It gives clarity about your financial boundaries. Through this, you can even get an idea of whether you can pay off the loan amount before the tenure or not.
  • With the estimation, you can know the possibilities of saving money and can reduce the total cost of the obligation. Playing with the numbers gives idea of the aspects that are required to work to save money.

The calculator aims to provide you with an estimation of the amount that you can borrow. The figure it shows can vary from the amount you get. Of course, different mortgage providers have different calculators to give you the estimation. Let’s have few examples:

Halifax uses three different mortgage calculators that are classified into standard, mortgage overpayment and rate change calculator. Borrowers can seek any of them depending upon their requirements. On the other hand, Money Saving Expert uses only basic mortgage calculator that includes particulars like mortgage debt, annual interest rates, mortgage term and fees to avail the mortgage.

Differences in the mortgage calculators can be seen further with NatWest, a renowned retail and commercial bank in UK. It claims that its mortgage calculator does provide accurate clue of which sort of mortgage suits you after analysing borrowers’ personal details and prevailing circumstances.

Bad Credit Mortgage Calculator

Do not get disappointed if your credit history is bad. We allow you to take out a mortgage regardless of your credit history. Buyers with bad credit report generally get mortgage deals at higher interest rates because of high default risk. However, there are still some options available to get the acceptable rates.

Use our bad credit mortgage calculator and know how much you can take out.