Find a mortgage broker in Glasgow

Are you looking for a mortgage broker in Glasgow? If yes, then you are not alone and share the experience with those countless people who want to buy property for their secure future. With online finance concept gaining its importance in the mortgage industry, it has become easier to find the brokers. They save your time and also facilitate a suitable bunch of deals that they take out from the big crowd of options in the market.

You can end your search at Shine Mortgages, an online mortgage broker in Glasgow with 90+ lenders on the panel. All are serving varied types of property loans, such as:

  • Mortgage
  • Remortgage
  • Mortgages for self-employed
  • Buy-to-let mortgage
  • Bad credit mortgages
  • Commercial mortgage.

You can easily find us while you search for a fee-free online broker, as we do not charge anything from the fund seekers but the mortgage providers.

Mortgage broker in Glasgow

Do not risk having your mortgage declined - prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure. For sure, you have no plans to confront rejection, and for that, you need to work on some preventive measures.

Here is how you can avoid the decline of mortgage-

  • Stay strong in your credit score performance – It is always a game-changer and decisive in all types of financial decisions, especially the mortgage, which demands the involvement of a considerable amount. Keep your credit score good. It means you need to stay between 881 and 960; however, it is great if you have an excellent score of 961 – 999. However, if not, even a good rating is also fine to attain smooth approval.

  • Be accurate and genuine about the property price - Maybe you are not aware. Still, every month many borrowers get a rejection because the amount they mention does not match to the actual market conditions. This fact makes the lender reject your loan. After your credit score, this is usually the first thing that comes in the notice of the mortgage companies.

  • Avoid taking payday loans – You know how high payday loans are in interest rates and people apply for them only in the desperate and last-minute financial needs. Only those in the extreme weak situation at some point of their financial life take these loans. It leaves a wrong impression as if the applicant is not very sound in financial background.
avoid the decline of mortgages
  • Keep the debt-to-income ratio on the idol stage – This is another factor that affects your chances of qualifying for loans. There are two idol ratios in this concern, 60:40 and 70:30. In case of bad credit situation, the 70% income and 30% debt is the idol one, and 60/40 is less promising, and you cannot go below this. The best thing is to keep the income outgoing calculation to 80:20, but it is the idea of the minimum acceptable level.

  • The financial behaviour of last 6 months should be spotless – You need to pay all the bills, debts, expenses on time in the previous 6 months before you apply for the mortgage. It helps us find the lender easily without any questions on the efficiency of personal finances.

  • Apply to only relatable lenders through a broker –Rejections by multiple lenders can severely affect your credit rating, besides many search footprints made due to credit score perusal is another severe issue. With a broker, all these concerns get a precise and perfect solution. They find you the lenders with better chances of providing you with acceptance on the loan application.

With the above tips, you can prevent rejection on your property loan application no matter whatever location you belong to in Glasgow. Practical ways are always effective irrespective of weakness on the financial part.

How much does it cost to use a broker?

To be actual and rational, the cost of using a mortgage broker in Glasgow depends on how it takes its payment. Some brokers make the fee from the borrowers while some take their share from the lenders only. We are the latter one. For you, Shine Mortgages is fee free of cost as we charge our brokerage from the lenders only. We ensure a smooth experience for our borrowers and for that, we solve their prime concern that is fee and charge. We know how relieved you feel as a borrower when the broking services are available free of cost. Unlike us, those brokers that charge their fee from the loan applicants may charge in any of the popular ways - Fixed price, Hourly rate, Commission or a Percentage of your mortgage.

Our mortgage illustration document clarifies the following points after a deal is final

We provide you a detailed document to ensure transparency in what we provide to you after a property loan is approved. The document contains all the necessary information about the mortgage deal you get through us -

  • Name of your mortgage provider
  • Your monthly instalments
  • The total cost of a mortgage
  • Special features of the mortgage
  • The type of interest – (a) fixed-rate (b) variable rate
  • The effect on your repayments if the interest rate changes
  • The overpayment strategy of the lender and also if there are charges or fees for that
  • Pay off policy of your mortgage provider and if there is a penalty.
  • We get more than 200 queries per day
  • No limit on the number of meetings. Meet us any number of times you want.
  • No minimum maximum loan amount constraint.

In short, you get to know everything about your mortgage deal that comes through our panel. We need to deliver a solution to all the doubts of our customers. This document is the best tool for that.

Types of Mortgages We Deal in

Whether you need a first-time buyer mortgage or a commercial mortgage, you can let us know. We will help you get better interest rates. We can help with:

  • Buy-to-let mortgages
  • Buying your first home
  • Remortgaging
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Mortgage for moving homes
  • Mortgages for bad credit people

Buy-to-let mortgages

If you want to invest in a buy-to-let property to earn a rental income or increase your capital, choosing the right mortgage is essential. You may have to pay higher deposits, but we will negotiate for a smaller deposit size.

You will have two repayment options:

  • Smaller payments every month and then a balloon payment at the end of the term; and
  • Fully amortised payments throughout the length.

At ShineMortgages UK, We will evaluate your financial capacity to help you choose the right payment option. We promise that if you take our advice seriously, you will never fall behind repayments.

Buying your first home

Getting onto the property ladder should not be terrifying at all because you can consider Fixed-Rate, Standard Variable Rate and Tracker Rate deals. You can get a mortgage by arranging as minimum deposit size as 5%.

You will not know how long it does take, who you will pay your deposit to, and how much the processing fee will be. You do not have to take the burden of figuring it out. We will advise you at every stage of the application process.

Besides, we will help you find the right mortgage, fill out the application, and liaise between you and the lender.

  • Smaller payments every month and then a balloon payment at the end of the term; and
  • Fully amortised payments throughout the length.

At ShineMortgages UK, We will evaluate your financial capacity to help you choose the right payment option. We promise that if you take our advice seriously, you will never fall behind repayments.


If you want to apply for a remortgage, make sure that you have consulted us before taking the plunge. We will consider your financial situation before offering you impartial advice. While it may save you money on your current mortgage deal, it can cost you early repayment charge. Do not take a decision precipitously. Our mortgage advisors in Glasgow will help you make a better choice.

Commercial mortgages

A commercial mortgage acts like a residential mortgage, but it can be more expensive than the latter one.

Further, you may have to arrange a bigger deposit size. ShineMortgages UK obtains competitive interest rates from the market. Our personalised approach will give you customised deals, so there is no risk of falling off the track.

Mortgage for moving homes

Whatever the reason – the family has expanded, or you are changing your job - you may need to move home, and your current mortgage lender may not be offering you the best deal because of complexity and dynamism of the market.

ShineMortgages UK will give you access to various mortgage deals in Glasgow based on your financial circumstances. We will provide you with a list of direct lenders offering you better deals for moving homes. Since you have to choose between them, there is no risk of having an application turned down.

Mortgages for bad credit people

Getting a mortgage with poor credit seems challenging in Glasgow, but we can advise you some useful tips to take out a mortgage without hassle. Though you will get higher interest rates due to low credit, we assure you that it will still be far affordable than those other mainstream lenders charge because we will try to negotiate it.

What type of customers do we assist?

We are very clear and borrower-friendly in this aspect. To be honest, no constraint stops us when it comes to the type of customers. However, to give you an idea, the following are the categories of the borrowers we serve.

  • First-time borrowers
  • Bad credit score people
  • Single parents
  • Self-employed people.

No matter whatever category you belong to you; Shine Mortgages is always there to assist you with the most suitable property loan deals.

Why Choose Shine Mortgages

We make sure that you get precise reasons to trust us. Below is a collection of the rational causes that can make a fund seeker rely on us.

  • We can bring you exclusive deals offered by the lenders.
  • We can deliver 100% LTV deals
  • The mortgage providers on our panel have a high approval rate of 98%
  • Get your mortgage suggestions within 15 minutes of your query
  • We deal with the paperwork chaos process once the loan is approved
  • 100% Free Service
  • Available irrespective of bank holidays and festive season
  • Offer solutions to the poor credit people
  • You get future security through mortgage insurance.
why choose us

Your discretion is the final word for us as we purely respect the concerns of the mortgage seekers. Your needs help us become better, express to us what you want, and we may prove worthy.

What we do for you

You are the axis of all of our activities. We keep your concerns as the magnet and reciprocate according to them only. Through the accumulation of multiple facilities, we bring you the best possible mortgage broking services in Glasgow.

  • Provide workable solutions if an improvement is required in your finances
  • Find out minimum 5 options from the panel of around 100 lenders
  • Take care of your application process on your behalf
  • Keep you updated on the latest action taken your application by the lender
  • Once the loan is approved, help you get the desired repayment schedule
  • Bargain from the lender to get you the cheapest interest rate
  • Clear and solve any kind of doubt between you and the mortgage provider
  • Take all the calls from the lender keeping you away from the annoyance or disturbance
  • Ensure timely disbursal of funds
  • Stay in your contact to make sure that your experience with the lender is smooth
  • Suggest you the ways to pay off your home loan faster
  • Give assistance with the best deals of remortgage in case you want to change the lender.
what can we do for you

We are always in a search to do something unprecedented for our customers, and the list above is destined to become longer in the coming days. Stay in our touch, and you will get new surprises every time. The ultimate goal is to make your borrowing experience smoother.

How is Shine Mortgages different from other mortgage brokers in Glasgow?

Our difference from the other choices available in the market has very rational reasons.

  • We are free of cost – Nothing in the name of charge we take from the borrowers.
  • The offered deals are lowest in interest rates and on the nearest possible percentage in comparison to the base rate that 0.25% currently
  • We offer you practical and legal suggestions to keep your tax part unburdened.
  • Our lenders have versed solicitors that take care of all the legalities in the utmost professional way.
  • Our experts assist you on equity release.
  • Advanced mortgage affordability calculator facilitates ‘near-to-perfect’ calculations.
  • We stay with you until you get your home key.
how we are different from others

To be direct, we never leave you alone or unattended during all your mortgage tenure. Contact us anytime, and we are sure to show.

How to apply for a home loan with Shine Mortgages, a broker in Glasgow

‘Uncomplicated’ is the first word we would like to use for our procedures. Have a look at the ‘how to apply’ process, and it will prove that we are easy to understand on this part.

Visit our website

  • Choose your desired loan type – mortgage/remortgage/buy-to-let etc.
  • You will get on the page of related mortgages types
  • You will see three options – 1) Apply now 2) Arrange a call 3) Mortgage calculator
  • Click on the first one ‘APPLY NOW’ (you may also go on (2) & (3) if required
  • Fill your personal details and click on ‘NEXT’ given at the end of the form
  • Select the mortgage purpose and amount
  • Selection property location and mention the property value and mention the construction type
  • That is all!! You have successfully submitted your application and our representative will contact you in a short while

The complete process takes a few minutes, and before you make your breakfast or finish the evening snack, the things get done.

Shine Mortgages aims to become an all-in-one solution window for its borrowers in Glasgow. No change in the economic conditions of the nation can make us compromise in the quality we strive to provide the fund seekers. Less-than-perfect in the name of service is not acceptable for our strategy.

Mortgage Broker Glasgow FAQS

Do you need a mortgage broker to buy a house in Glasgow?

Most of the financial experts suggest having a broker while buying a house in Glasgow. They have highlighted a few benefits like:

  • A broker helps in getting the right mortgage from genuine lenders
  • It can assist in getting a mortgage on minimum deposit even if you have a poor credit score
  • Having an advisor would benefit you in terms of remaining updated with new developments on property rates
  • For first-time buyers, they have to use the mortgage brokers.

Which is the best mortgage broker near me?

The best mortgage broker should have a broader reach in the city, and it would be better if it has online access for the mortgage aspirants. ShineMortgages offers the same facility with the comfort of online mortgage advice.

Whether you are living near to Dumbarton Road, Byres Road or Clairmont Gardens in Glasgow, you can quickly access its reliable services on any mortgages.

Are mortgage brokers better than banks in Glasgow?

The answer to this question can be in Yes or No. Yes, because the mortgage brokers are known for their right guidance. They have significant collaboration with the lenders that may offer mortgages on your favourable conditions.

No, because banks in Glasgow have been in the mortgage sector and they have the most significant advantage, i.e. a massive trust of the borrowers.

However, due to the broader reach, approaching directly to them can be tricky. In such a scenario, taking the help of a broker is indeed a wise decision.

Why do I need a broker if I can get a loan through my bank or direct lenders?

You need a broker majorly for the following reasons.

  • You get only the related options according to your financial conditions. It reduces the threat of unnecessary search footprint on your credit record. Banks and direct lenders reject the application right away, leaving an embarrassing spot on your financial report.
  • The broker saves a lot of time by doing the mind-boggling part of research for the best deal
  • It brings to you the cheapest possible deals with lowest interest rates and thus saves your hard-earned money
  • Brokers take care of all the annoying paperwork for you, which is again a huge help for you as your ignorance of mortgage market makes the procedures more complicated

How do brokers get paid?

There are two significant ways through which the brokers get paid.

  • Brokers that take their brokerage from the borrowers/fund seekers. This type is not much appreciated among the mortgage borrowers.
  • Brokers that are paid by the lenders and for the fund seekers they provide fee-free services. This type is more in demand. Shine Mortgages too belong to this category.