Shine Mortgages Helps You Choose the Best Interest Rates

Getting a mortgage is complicated, as well as scary. Unless you settle all dues, it seems like a horrifying nightmare. Fear of falling behind repayments may have you lost your dream home. When you need a mortgage, you try all your best to get a lower-interest-rate deal. We are a mortgage broker in Glasgow, and we can arrange reliable lenders for you based on your affordability without charging any fees.

We know how important it is for you to be able to trust the advice you are receiving. As an independent mortgage advisor, our mission is to find the right mortgage at the best interest rates. It isn't straightforward for you to negotiate for interest rates with direct lenders.

It is why we work as a mediator, talk to different lenders on your behalf to convince them to offer lower interest rates. Then we provide a list of a couple of lenders who are ready to process your application. You can choose a lender whose deals meet your budget.

We can help you take out a mortgage tailored to your needs. We try all our best to provide you with a better deal.

Mortgage broker in Glasgow

Types of Mortgages We Deal in

Whether you need a first-time buyer mortgage or a commercial mortgage, you can let us know. We will help you get better interest rates. We can help with:

Buy-to-let mortgages

If you want to invest in a buy-to-let property to earn a rental income or increase your capital, choosing the right mortgage is essential. You may have to pay higher deposits, but we will negotiate for a smaller deposit size.

You will have two repayment options:

  • Smaller payments every month and then a balloon payment at the end of the term; and
  • Fully amortised payments throughout the length.

At ShineMortgages UK, We will evaluate your financial capacity to help you choose the right payment option. We promise that if you take our advice seriously, you will never fall behind repayments.

Buying your first home

Getting onto the property ladder should not be terrifying at all because you can consider Fixed-Rate, Standard Variable Rate and Tracker Rate deals. You can get a mortgage by arranging as minimum deposit size as 5%.

You will not know how long it does take, who you will pay your deposit to, and how much the processing fee will be. You do not have to take the burden of figuring it out. We will advise you at every stage of the application process.

Besides, we will help you find the right mortgage, fill out the application, and liaise between you and the lender.


If you want to apply for a remortgage, make sure that you have consulted us before taking the plunge. We will consider your financial situation before offering you impartial advice. While it may save you money on your current mortgage deal, it can cost you early repayment charge. Do not take a decision precipitously. Our mortgage advisors in Glasgow will help you make a better choice.

Commercial mortgages

A commercial mortgage acts like a residential mortgage, but it can be more expensive than the latter one.

Further, you may have to arrange a bigger deposit size. ShineMortgages UK obtains competitive interest rates from the market. Our personalised approach will give you customised deals, so there is no risk of falling off the track.

Mortgage for moving homes

Whatever the reason – the family has expanded, or you are changing your job - you may need to move home, and your current mortgage lender may not be offering you the best deal because of complexity and dynamism of the market.

ShineMortgages UK will give you access to various mortgage deals in Glasgow based on your financial circumstances. We will provide you with a list of direct lenders offering you better deals for moving homes. Since you have to choose between them, there is no risk of having an application turned down.

Mortgages for bad credit people

Getting a mortgage with poor credit seems challenging in Glasgow, but we can advise you some useful tips to take out a mortgage without hassle. Though you will get higher interest rates due to low credit, we assure you that it will still be far affordable than those other mainstream lenders charge because we will try to negotiate it.

What Makes ShineMortgages Different?

We aspire to be a favourite mortgage broker of Glasgow where we support our customers to get a foot onto the property ladder. The following FACTORS make us different from other mortgage brokers.

  • We consider your financial circumstances before approaching to a direct lender and then convince them to negotiate interest rates.
  • If your credit rating is bad and does not have the deposit size up to 20%, we will negotiate for it. In 95% of cases, they get ready to accept the application even if the deposit size is less than 20%.
  • With our efforts, you may not need to put additional collateral for a commercial mortgage if you want to borrow more than 75% of the value of the property.
  • We do all the legwork, so it saves your time, efforts and money. You do not need to feel it like a hassle anymore.
  • You can schedule a meeting with us. We can guide you on a type of mortgage you should take out based on your affordability.
  • No other mortgage brokers provide you with more competitive interest rates than us.
  • We are a mortgage advisor in Glasgow. We do not run a hard credit check.

ShineMortgages UK is a reliable broker and capable of guiding you in the right direction. We have helped hundreds of people in Glasgow to secure a mortgage. We are striving hard to improve our services to provide you with a better experience.

If you are not able to make a decision, you can call us. Our free mortgage advice in Glasgow will help you afford the things that matter to you.

Mortgage Broker Glasgow FAQS

Do you need a mortgage broker to buy a house in Glasgow?

Most of the financial experts suggest having a broker while buying a house in Glasgow. They have highlighted a few benefits like:

  • A broker helps in getting the right mortgage from genuine lenders
  • It can assist in getting a mortgage on minimum deposit even if you have a poor credit score
  • Having an advisor would benefit you in terms of remaining updated with new developments on property rates
  • For first-time buyers, they have to use the mortgage brokers.

Which is the best mortgage broker near me?

The best mortgage broker should have a broader reach in the city, and it would be better if it has online access for the mortgage aspirants. ShineMortgages offers the same facility with the comfort of online mortgage advice.

Whether you are living near to Dumbarton Road, Byres Road or Clairmont Gardens in Glasgow, you can quickly access its reliable services on any mortgages.

Are mortgage brokers better than banks in Glasgow?

The answer to this question can be in Yes or No. Yes, because the mortgage brokers are known for their right guidance. They have significant collaboration with the lenders that may offer mortgages on your favourable conditions.

No, because banks in Glasgow have been in the mortgage sector and they have the most significant advantage, i.e. a massive trust of the borrowers.

However, due to the broader reach, approaching directly to them can be tricky. In such a scenario, taking the help of a broker is indeed a wise decision.