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Living in your own home is not just one of the rudimentary needs rather it is like a dream that comes true. To fulfil it, purchasing a mortgage deal has been accepted as the wise decision and as a reliable mortgage provider in the UK, presenting the best deals to you is our primary aim and we have already achieved a lot in it.

We confine your mortgage research and you just have to use the calculators of top mortgage institutions. Put your data and analyse how much mortgage can you borrow or ‘how to choose the best mortgage options out of multiple ones’.

As the fastest emerging mortgage specialist, we vouch to offer unconventional and fully customised funding solutions that will work for you while purchasing your first home, moving to a new home or applying for the purpose of buy-to-let. Our huge online presence helps you to find us anywhere and anytime. We are blessed with skilful financial advisers, who can easily suggest how to get a mortgage without a deposit and even assist borrowers in how to apply for a mortgage.

All the mortgage loans here reflect our bespoke and flexible approach. It also includes acceptance for the people with bad credit or those who are self-employed.

Apply here because we want to shine not only in the UK marketplace but also in the financial life of the borrowers. If you want to know more about us, then take a look:

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Your Home! No More A Dream But A Reality

Your decision to buy a mortgage is indeed a huge financial commitment of your life. As a specialist, we are familiar with this and thus, advising you to not to hurry up the things. Use our calculators, take advice of our experts and analyse how to get the mortgage on the best possible rates. We have designed our portal as such that makes easier for you to find everything and on the basis of it, take the right decision at the right time. Give us an opportunity, we are waiting to serve your dreams.

Mortgage Calculators

Use our mortgage calculator and know what you can do or not. It is well designed to give you a clue of how much you can borrow and which is the best option available to you.


Helpful Mortgage Guides

Looking for an expert advice on right mortgage? Our helpful mortgage loan guide answers all your queries and finding the best deal becomes a lot easier for you.


Up-to-date Mortgage Rates

Don't be confused how much interest rates you can bear on a mortgage deal. Get competitive rates on any loan irrespective of first time buyer or looking for commercial property.


How Our Mortgage Process Works

Make a successful mortgage application through a simple & straightforward process

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Calculate the amount, rates and repayment terms.

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Get an instant revert to your query and enjoy right mortgage deal.

Our Client’s Views, Our Biggest Appreciation

"Thanks a lot Shine Mortgages for providing the best deal on the competitive interest rates. I am very impressed particularly with the quick revert to the queries from your representatives. Above all, your advice gave me the right direction to walk ahead with the precise decision. Now I owe my home and it all happens due to your professional service. Glad to apply for a mortgage here and will recommend your name to everyone."

Brandon, London

It was such a pleasure to apply for remortgages here because I got what I couldn't even expected from others. Your entire team deserves a lot of appreciation and your special effort had made my dreams came true. Circumstances were not in my favour and I struggled a lot to get the right deal without spending too much in terms of extra fees. After searching a lot, I couldn't come out with the relevant source but I found Shine Mortgages very different from others and once applied, I appreciate myself for this correct decision. Thanks a lot guys and I have no hesitation to recommend your company.

Rick Broad, Manchester

After initial doubts, I found Shine Mortgages quite a reliable mortgage provider not only in one or two terms but in multiple ways. From simple application to nominal interest rates, I think you guys have done a wonderful job because your deals would match to the personal circumstances. Absolutely no hesitation to get back at you for more mortgage deals. Thanks!

Bryan, Leeds, UK