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Bad credit mortgage calculator – Count your affordability

A mortgage calculator makes the offered deals predictable. It provides an excellent way to the bad credit people to check their affordability through an estimation of the total and the monthly cost. A bad credit mortgage calculator is a reliable tool to know which option is under your budget and where you lack stability in finances. Shine Mortgages, the online mortgage broker owns the advanced version of the mortgage calculator to help borrowers find their right choice with rational comparison.

Why use a bad credit mortgage calculator?

For many reasons, a calculator is useful for mortgage seekers with low credit rating. They are –

  • Compare multiple deals - It is great to compare all the available deals in a few clicks and know which mortgage lender offers the most affordable deal.
  • Save on interest rates - When you compare the varied interest rates, it becomes easier to detect the lowest one. It saves a lot of money.
  • Get an idea of required deposit - When you get to know there is a gap between the property value and mortgage amount, you can arrange deposit money on time.

Besides the above benefits, you get an idea of the mortgage options available in the market. It is good to know what is the latest wave of mortgage trends in the industry. For informed and confident financial decisions on a big purchase, it is necessary to learn about all the alternatives.

bad credit mortgage calculator

Note - We even support people with bankruptcy, CCJ and IVA issues to calculate their affordability for a mortgage. If they have spent the minimum time of 7 years post-bankruptcy period, we believe that some solution can be obtained from the market.

What do you mention in a bad credit mortgage calculator?

While making calculations, you need to mention a few types of details. Such as –

Employment status Employed, Self-employed, Unemployed, Partly Employed, Freelancer, whatever is your source of earning, it needs to be mentioned here.
Mortgage type This column talks about the type of mortgage you want to get, such as bad credit first-time mortgage, bad credit remortgage, etc.
Property Value Yes, you are right. This section asks the current value of the property you want to purchase. (The value can differ after property valuation)
Mortgage amount Here, mention the mortgage amount you want to get. It is advisable to mention a reasonable amount.
Rate of interest Enter your expected interest rate but mention something that is not less than the minimum available in the market.
Mortgage term It is about the tenure in years. You can ask the mortgage broker about the maximum tenure. It usually is 25 to 35 years.

Shine Mortgages can clear all your doubts on the mortgage calculation. Our team of experts is there to guide on the use of the calculator. Find out the best deal to find your answer to how much can I get with bad credit? Easy-to-use calculator delivers results in just 50 seconds, saves time through quick calculations. We are available online day and night to respond to any query you face while making the comparison of loan offers.