The sound of Finance For Your Property is an alarm for you to wake up! It is the time where you can get a mortgage deal WITHOUT a deposit. You might be amaze to know, how is that possible right? If yes, then you must look upon the demand of the buyers.

Every individual thought of having an own house but due to some or the other reason, it becomes difficult for a person to save a required amount in order to live the dream in reality.

Most of you all will agree with the situation that despite leaving no stone unturned to saving a certain amount for buying a property is a task, which is difficult to manage. But hey! Do not worry. At Shine Mortgages, the concern is acknowledged, and you must prepare yourself to lead the mortgage deal in a favourable way.

How No Deposit Works?

While dealing with a traditional process, you might not be able to deal with the process in a proper manner. The mindset of the people has always stated that buying a property requires loads of hard work and money because you always need good cash in your pockets to bank upon your desired property.

With the change of time, the process of getting a mortgage deal has also changed.

You must call your adviser or make your searches so that you can clear the doubts regarding the new change happening in the lending market.

While calculating with the provided calculator, you can get the estimated amount. You need to pay as some amount of deposit and not the whole section of mortgage deposit.


You bought a house for £150,000 and paid 15% deposit, which is considered as the deposit of £22500 and rest of the amount of £127500 will be covered by a mortgage. The remaining amount would be considered as the loan value.

In simpler terms, you can secure the 85% of mortgage value to the total cost of your property.

Some Other Ways to Get Zero Deposit Mortgage

Here comes a HOPE with new possibilities!

If your mind is not convinced on the ‘without deposit deal’, then you have a second option to get your loan amount clear for the desired purpose. There are some ways, which you can use it to get zero deposit mortgages. For instance, personal loans, credit card and gifted deposit with the other alternatives you can use it as per your like-mindedness.

  • Personal Loan
    It is true that you can fall in a situation chained with two major responsibilities, one is mortgage deal and the other is loan possibility. If you carry your documents, which states your credibility to maintain a good balance, then you can look forward to make this hope a new possibility for you.
    It is like 50% loan and 50% mortgage or 30% loan and 70% mortgage. Whichever way suits your condition to make a way clear.
  • Credit Cards
    It can be an opposite way to make your dream work. But if it is happening and you can afford to repay then why not? It can be a good option for you, trust your conviction that you can handle the deal with a grace.
  • Gifted Deposit
    It is a type of deposit, which a person related to you, can give the required amount on your behalf. It is considered as the gift for you because the person is helping you to make your task possible. This can be achievable while collecting from other domains like vendor, developer, landlord and government schemes.

Can I apply 0% Deposit Mortgage with Bad Credit?

The severity of cases with a bad credit score can be presented in varied forms. In other words, it depends on the condition of the borrower likely, how bad a credit could be? This is where you can mark a difference. On that note, you can get a mortgage even with a bad credit score. Let just see some varied forms, which you might relate and if found yourself in a situation like that you can anytime dial the given number for a better clarity on the policy.

  • Unfavourable credit ratings
  • Not even bad but a poor credit score
  • Arrears
  • CCJ (County Court Judgement) bound
  • Remaining with the mark of bankruptcy
  • In a state of repossessed

If anyone of the issue is relatable to you, take a sigh of relief because you have a new avenue for your mortgage deal to make it happen. Things can be tough but until you step in with a risk, you will not able to cherish hard you have submitted.

Why Having A Guarantor is Good for You?

If a lender is giving you an option to bring guarantor for the ‘zero percent deposit mortgage deal’, then you must not lose the opportunity. Having a guarantor can reduce your stress and apprehensions to 50%. You can manage the deal and you can easily return the amount on time. Some lenders are providing the deposit amount reduced with 5% from your savings. It can be easily manageable because your minimum deposit and having a guarantor can help you in humongous way.

Want to know more!

Who needs to search for guarantor?

Guarantor must have:

  • Good credit history
  • A good income source
  • The equity according to the lender’s criterion up to 30%

Advantages and Disadvantages of 100% Mortgage

To lead the possibility in the best possible way, you must get yourself updated with its advantages and disadvantages. They are meant to keep you grounded so that you can maintain the deal in the best possible manner.

Advantages Disadvantages
At zero% deposit, which is of course a major advantage with not much burden on your finances. Guarantor has to show its full participation, no step back.
It can benefit existing homeowners, who want to buy another house for their purpose. It is a niche product, the moment you blink an important aspect can be missed.
Everyone can secure the deal even on bad credit. The whole deal is an opposite road, come prepared.

Apply now!

If you are remaining with some more queries, you can anytime call on the provided numbers to get the transparent understanding. No upfront fees, clear terms and conditions, and you are on a widening way to roll over. Therefore, trust your guts and step in for a NO DEPOSIT mortgage deal.