Income related issues

As a self-employed, you own a new home doubles the reason for celebration. First, you are your boss in a career with complete liberty. Second, if you buy a home, life will feel complete and secure. You generate your income and live in your own home. Wow! Perfect! No domination of clock needles to reach the office on time and no instruction list from the property owner.

It takes nothing to see a dream, but it certainly takes many things and consequences if you work on the implementation. When you keep the wish of a home, this needs to be reciprocated with adequate financial backup.

Home buying is a big decision, and for sufficient money, you need to depend on mortgage services. There are several options out there for the fund seekers. There can be no escape from the essential requirements and formalities.

Income is the prime factor for a mortgage applicant, who needs to prove it to take a loan. The problem arises majorly for the self-employed. For them, it is a bit difficult to verify their income and many other complications too come in their way.

Here are the constraints that may happen when you apply for the mortgage for self-employed.

The Reluctance of finance companies due to the volatile nature of income

You have your own business. Great! But last month the earned income was £15,000 and last to last month it was £20000. Two different months and two different figures of income. The fluctuation shows all across your bank statements.

Ups and downs in earnings are natural for a self-employed, but the lenders take it as a negative factor. They prefer to see a steady income, any change in that makes them doubt your creditworthiness. What if you earn less in the coming months, or what if you go in loss?

It makes availing funds difficult. However, unlike mainstream lenders, direct lending companies are quite flexible. They accept the application easily if your revenue meets the minimum limits. However, this liberal approach is difficult to find, and an established broker may need to come in the picture.

With all the knowledge of the market, it can bring you the right deal and the suitable loan company. For instance – Shine Mortgages that has a rich panel of lenders provides solutions for the borrowers with any employment status.

Varied parameters for varied types of self-employment situations

Many factors work for those who earn on their own. Every independently employed person has different ways of attaining income, which depends on many things.

Following aspects come under consideration –

  • Type of ownership of the business. For example – Sole Proprietorship, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership etc.

For every type, the lenders have different formalities, and you do not know at what step you may fail to qualify.

  • How you take the income. Example – Are you a shareholder of certain % like 25%, 40% etc.

According to the percentage, the treatment of lenders changes. For instance– if you are a shareholder of 25%, some lenders take you as an employed.

  • In the case of PAYE ‘Pay from all employments’ different rules apply. You cannot pay to yourself through PAYE to get a mortgage despite no profit in business. The lender will see the performance and revenue status. For the loan company, not only your income is substantial, but also the efficiency of the business of earning profit.

The list is long, and many more situations may come depending upon your business and policies of the lender.

Lack of understanding of the type of business on the part of lenders

How will you explain the income if the lender does not understand even the meaning and nature of your business? Many financial experts have expressed their concern on this. The mortgage market has not changed in its traditional approach as compared to the progress in the type of work.

In the name of self-employment, they take only some basic types like – contractors, sole traders, partners and small business owners. The self-employed market has enhanced a lot, and many new terms have come in the picture like:

  • Temporary worker
  • Value-added reseller
  • Alternative schedule professional
  • Barter
  • Seasonal staff

When the loan company does not understand the type, it also fails to accept the authenticity of the attained profits.


The above situations may create chaos for you, and it is better to know the complications beforehand. Advance information helps in finding timely solutions. One reliable solution to such issues can be to find someone who can do all the hard work on your behalf. What can be better than the brokers in this concern? They have a solution for every problem, express your concern and let them do their work.

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