First-time Buyer Mortgage UK

The UK mortgage market acts stunning with its maximum number of available mortgage deals for first-time buyers. It has become a talk of the town primarily because the lenders were warned already on the risk factor. It was not considered safe to lend the funds as the default cases may increase.

It is not a common thing if the market has 405 deals (monthly) in total to offer. Since May 2019, it is the highest figure. Some lenders have even no issues in considering risky customers. But the zeal doesn’t seem to stop. The lending companies have a competition to attain more and more customers.

Fall in the swap rates is a big reason for the increased speed in the loan application and approval connection. The current circumstances have made it easy to take out a mortgage for first-time buyers, but the Bank of England is not very happy about it. The prime cause behind this is that if in future, the rates rise, and there can be many borrowers who may fail to pay the instalments.

The borrowers with a minimum of 5% deposit rate will get bear lower mortgage charges that is less than the previous year. This is sure to inspire people to apply for the home loan.

All sounds well, but hidden chaos is there

Currently, the fixed-rate mortgage charge is 3.22pc, which was 5.04pc in 2015. It is indeed a vast difference, and this is why the lenders, as well as the borrowers, are excited. The concern on the future jump of the swap rates and charges is a common worry.

The policymakers are repetitive in expressing their fret that the coming tomorrow may bring chaos. If things go out of control, the mortgage industry of the UK is sure to confront a significant fall in totality. This alarm is not only for the lenders but also for the borrowers who may get derailed in their finances.

The brokers can make people aware of the future consequences

The brokers are expected to play an important role here. By providing unbiased advice and giving a hint about the future repercussions they can do a lot. Few renowned names like ShineMortgages, JohnCharcol, etc. can make the immediate threat less intense.

Usually, the fund seekers know less about the situations that may affect their financial conditions soon. But brokers see every nook and cranny of the industry, and they can inform about any threatening situation.

No one can tell how long this situation will remain and by what time it can end. The stress is about the situation that can come after that. But for the borrowers, the only suggestion is, if they borrow money with the coming days in mind, things will be nice. Keep the financial back up to cope with the condition if a high rate of interest happens.